To bone or not to bone…

Innocent topic!  I swear. We are talking about dog bones and whether pet owner's should be giving them  OR not. In my years of practices, I've seen an average of 20-30% of dog owners giving bones to their animals (in Australia). This statistics is much higher in Singapore, with an avg of 40-50% of Asian clients... Continue Reading →

More than meets the eye..

Pet owners all over the world are probably guilty of not brushing their pet's teeth. I know for certain that I am one of them. (oops) Gold standard care includes DAILY teeth brushing.. so hands up those who do not do this every single day!! Several years back I walked past a pet shop in... Continue Reading →

Common things occur commonly.

This was drilled into us in our final year of veterinary school. And till this day, this rule applies. The truth is that 80-90% of the animals that walk into our consult room will fall within this category. Working in the different cities- Melbourne, Singapore and then Perth has give me the insight of the... Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes.

Behind the smiles, the enthusiasm in our voices when we discuss your new kitten/puppy's care, the spring in our step when we cuddle those adorable fluffies; lies a story that is unique to each and every veterinarian. I vaguely recall the personality tests we undertook on our final years of veterinary school and the powerpoint... Continue Reading →

New year, new ventures

It's 2017. A fresh beginning. I've made the move back to Singapore and am determined to make the best out of it. Leaving Australia has been bittersweet. It was extremely tough saying all those rockstars at Balcatta vets and the friends I've made over the course of my 2.5 years stay in Perth. But moving... Continue Reading →

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