Common things occur commonly.

This was drilled into us in our final year of veterinary school. And till this day, this rule applies.

The truth is that 80-90% of the animals that walk into our consult room will fall within this category. Working in the different cities- Melbourne, Singapore and then Perth has give me the insight of the different things that occur in different geographical locations. (But we will cover this in a different time)

Ever wondered why your white fluffy experiences intermittent lameness that self resolves after a period of hobbling?
A: Luxating Patella

Why your elderly skinny cat drinks excessive amounts of water and vomits intermittently?
A: Suspect ongoing chronic renal disease and/ or hyperthyroidism

As veterinarians, we are trained to be the voice of animals. Unlike humans who are able to describe their own symptoms of their ailments. Vets have to deduce and narrow down the differentials based on the history the client’s provide us and our physical examination of the animal. At times, further diagnostic testing such as Full/ Partial blood test, an ultrasound, radiographs (X-rays), MRI/ CT, echocardiogram, blood culture, Urine culture etc. are further required.

There are indeed limitations of how I can help, the extent i can get to in diagnosing and treating your animal via this blog. I can however aim to disseminate more accurate information on common ailments that inflict your loved ones. I will be covering the topic of Dental disease tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Please note that nothing can replace an actual physical consult with a medical practitioner. If you think your animal requires immediate medical attention, please contact your local veterinarian.

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