How she turned my fear into love

This is the face of the culprit. The one who made me cat obsessed.

When i was a young child I lived in a flat (in Singapore we call this HDB) and I used to patronage the cat that lived by the hardware store. We played and spent hours each day together. However one day, she turned on me and gave me a nasty scratch across my forearm and that started the disdain I had for cats.

Fast forward, to the second year of university in Melbourne, Australia- where we officially commenced our veterinary studies (first year was a mandatory pre-veterinary science year). We started our practicals and I knew i had to get used to handling cats. I lived with my best friend, Rachel who one day spontaneously decided to adopt a cat.

We called the shelter (Ingrid’s Haven) and Ingrid, the lovely lady who managed the shelter agreed to stay open for us. A 2 hours drive, and a grueling Q&A (regarding our commitment and care of the animals) later, Ingrid finally led us to the large sheds that she had built for the cats.

There must have been at least 50 cats (in 3 separate sheds), if not more. And all these cats looked extremely well looked after and loved for. Initially Rachel decided on an over-friendly chubby tabby who immediately jumped into her lap for the cuddles. On the way out of the shed and into Ingrid’s house, it suddenly dawned upon her that I (YES, ME), needed to be able to get along with this cat and she attempted to pass this chubby purring monster to me.

A HISSSS, growl and several scratches after, it became evident to us that he was an overly possessive and protective boy and there was no way he could lived in a household with 2 humans.

After a discussion with Ingrid, she suggested the shy black cat in the corner. This was “Sox” She was a young female cat that was previously adopted by a family the week before. However socks had a fear for man, and the family returned her a few days after and they adopted her sister instead.

We both approached Sox and the next thing i could remember was the drive home with her on my lap. We renamed her “Socks” and the rest was history.

Socks roosting
Socks roosting

We flew Socks back to Singapore approximately 4 years ago when Rachel graduated from uni. Socks had a bout of nasty kidney infection 3 years back which gave us both a minor heart attack. Fortunately she pulled through and is on a strict renal diet. She’s now a content old lady (she’s at least 12-14 years old now) who roams the house, is the boss of the husky, the papillon, the other cat and the chickens that live in the same household.


What would i have done without her?

(Here’s a video we took of her in 2008; YUP SHE’S THAT AMAZING)

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