My inner child

It’s March and the school holidays have begun. Not that the school holidays affects me in any way, considering that I’ve left school more than 10 years ago.

But I’m talking about the slew of different activities the museums, governmental agencies , town councils have organized. I even found out that salons and beauty parlours have March specials to lure parents who have taken time off work during this one week break.(YES!!)

I visited the annual iLight event at Marina Bay earlier this week. Apart from the art installations, several fringe activities are occurring concurrently- such as the Art-zoo (a bouncing castle with an animal theme), GastroBeats (pop-up food stores and live bands), Night Bazaar , Silent disco and HypeFest (I believe this is only available on Fri and Sat nights).

My inner child was reignited on my visit to Art Zoo. Tickets were purchased online at a discounted price as we were PAssion card members (click link for information on how to apply the discount. Never did I expect the amount of fun I was going to have. No doubt the company I was with played a huge part influencing my excitement levels. Photo opportunities at the Art-zoo were aplenty!


More friends joined us after and we headed to the Marina Bay Sands area for sustenance.
There are 2 food markets- Parsabella and GastroBeats. As first timers, we were not aware that GastroBeats was just a short walk down and hence we settled with the food options at Parsabella.

As you explore the art installations that are situated all around the area, you will come across GastroBeats- which comprises of a night bazaar, food stalls and fun-fair. There were a huge variety of games at the fun-fair which was a pleasant surprise. If you’ve been to the Gardens by the Bay Christmas special, this probably has 5 times the number game stores that Gardens had. The night market was relatively mediocre but given that it was a Monday, I was surprised they were opened.

We ended the night by finishing our loop around the bay and visiting the different art exhibits that littered the path.

For those that are wondering where to park. I parked at Marina Square. Parking cost me only $2.20 with entry into the premises after 5pm. (This is applicable Mon- Thur). We were there from 530pm- 11pm and I was shocked I lasted that long.

Now that I’ve made the move back to Singapore, I am extremely determined to make the most out of being back here. Be it art exhibitions, musicals, plays, festivals- SIGN ME UP!



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