Give love, if you have the capacity in you to.

I recently diagnosed a good friend’s dog with cancer and witnessing how quickly she declined really broke my heart. I had known this dog for several years now, and truth to be told- she was my favourite amongst the two dogs.

Yesterday i sent her across that rainbow bridge and ended her suffering.

As much as this was an extremely difficult euthanasia as i knew the patient, friend and family on a personal level, this was ultimately the best decision for her.


On the topic of timing- When is it the right time to get another pet?

Saying goodbye is never an easy task. And the unfortunate truth is that our beloved animals are unable to live as long as we do.
A huge proportion of clients that I service are often adamant that they will never be able to have another pet after the loss of one.

But with time, wounds heal and it brings me joy to see the sparkle in their eyes again when they book their next consult for Fluffy Version 2 or just simply a different dog called Buddy.

There’s no telling how long the grieving process for one may take. For some, weeks to months, others years or perhaps forever.
Getting another pet however, is really NOT to replace the memories of one, but to simply create new ones.
There are so many amazing pet owners out there who have so much love in them to give. And I know how much they can positively impact/ change the lives of animals which seek nothing but this innocent and wholehearted love.


To pet owners out there whose hearts are broken/ have been broken with the loss of your loved ones: know that you have given them an amazing life and I hope those beautiful memories can carry you through this difficult period.

And i hope you can one day find it within you to love another again.



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