About me

I was born and raised on a tiny red dot of an island called Singapore. Completed my veterinary studies and training at the University of Melbourne, Australia.
In my last 3 years of uni I worked as an emergency veterinary nurse at the then WAEC (Western animal emergency centre) , now called U-vet.

I worked in Singapore as a fully qualified veterinary surgeon at Defu Veterinary Clinic and then at James Tan Veterinary Centre between 2013- mid 2014.

Started the position as an emergency veterinarian at Balcatta Vet 24, Perth Australia between the years of mid 2014- early 2017.
Attempted my memberships in Emergency and Critical care with the MANZCVS boards in the year of 2016.

Am currently doing a Natural Animal Nutrition course to better my veterinary training and to provide a all-rounded care to my furry patients.

2017 will be an amazing year.

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