Giving more food is not giving love

Tackling the topic on obesity today. This is a growing trend we vets see all over the world. Overweight and obesity occurs for a variety of reason- it could be medical, lack of knowledge and information, breed disposition, societal view, reflection of the owner's own diet, insufficient exercise, lifestyle etc. Over the years over observation, it's... Continue Reading →

Saying goodbye and goodnight…

My last post has garnered a sizeable viewership- I am truly starting to appreciate the wonders of social media. Thank you for all who have read, liked and/or shared the post. I must admit that some of my loved ones have expressed their nagging concerns on the potential impact that article coule cause on my career.... Continue Reading →

The truth behind the term “Specialist”

This topic has been on agenda for quite awhile now. I had to seriously think things through, just as with the pet communicator post, this has potential in causing some backlash as well as potentially affecting my career as a veterinarian in Singapore. However when I started this account/ site, I decided that this would... Continue Reading →

For the love of cats.

Growing up in Singapore, I've been told constantly  by my grandmother that cats; in particularly black cats- are a sign of bad luck. If you read my previous entry here, you would have read how my fear of cats developed. My parents (and probably a large proportion of people their generation) were not particular fans of cats either-... Continue Reading →

My inner child

It's March and the school holidays have begun. Not that the school holidays affects me in any way, considering that I've left school more than 10 years ago. But I'm talking about the slew of different activities the museums, governmental agencies , town councils have organized. I even found out that salons and beauty parlours have... Continue Reading →

The coughing dog (part 2)

Back to the topic after the slight digression earlier. 2 articles ago, I covered the subject of a young coughing dog and the most likely causes it is associated with. Today I will aim to discuss the likely causes behind a geriatric/ mature dog that is coughing. More often than not, these animals present to us... Continue Reading →

Pet communicator. Fact or Quack?

Before I continue on the topic of coughing dogs, I thought I would address this topic of Pet communication/ animal communicator/ animal whisperer/ BodyTalk/ pet psychics etc.   This came up when I was out at lunch with a fellow vet friend earlier today. What was discussed (for lack of a better way of describing it) BLEW... Continue Reading →

Coughing or Choking?

Went on a short hiatus over the weekend as I was down with a viral infection. In fact, I'm writing this post with a pile of used tissues right beside my mouse and keyboard. It's getting increasingly hard to maneuver through the heap. Thought it would be most appropriate to discuss coughing in animals since... Continue Reading →

The birds and the bees (PART 2)

Continuing from where I left off, here is Part 2- where I will discuss the recommendations regards sterilization, debunk myths and address some concerns some of my client have brought up. For those who missed out on Part 1, click on the link to read  on the advantages and disadvantages of sterilization. -- When can I neuter my animal?... Continue Reading →

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