Vet hopping / shopping

The locomoting vet (aka me!) is on the move again. Back in Perth this time, locuming for the clinic I worked for prior to the move back to Singapore. -- What seems to be consistent across countries is that of vet or clinic hopping. Clients move from clinic to clinic whenever it suits their schedule.... Continue Reading →

A “We” and not a “Me”

Back from an almost 2 weeks long hiatus as life got the better of my writing. It has been a full month since I returned to vetting, albeit now part time. Am back in the groove of consulting and seeing clients/ patients again. Today's topic discussion is that of treating the patient vs. treating the client. --... Continue Reading →

Falsehood can cause real harm.

Fake news has been the talk of the town these few weeks in Singapore. With the government reviewing its laws on the topic and how to tackle these issues.  As this author puts it "Fake news hinders people's ability to make informed decisions, potentially causing them to act on false information" Today's article is not so much... Continue Reading →

Pet communicator. Fact or Quack?

Before I continue on the topic of coughing dogs, I thought I would address this topic of Pet communication/ animal communicator/ animal whisperer/ BodyTalk/ pet psychics etc.   This came up when I was out at lunch with a fellow vet friend earlier today. What was discussed (for lack of a better way of describing it) BLEW... Continue Reading →

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